Updating your website & website maintenance

Time for updates.

Perhaps you have gotten busy and need somebody to take care of your website updates for a while. Maybe your site has gotten large enough the updates are taking more of your resources than you can afford. Could be too, the needed changes are a little more than you feel confident in handling on your own.

Website knowhow.

Website maintenance is something like automotive maintenance in that some things you can do for yoursef with no trouble at all. Many costly problems arrise from people trying to save money and do it themselves. Many times still people are not aware of the trouble until search engines start to show a downward trend. It is far easier to stay at the top of the listings than it is to get back up to the top.

Identify website needs.

Many times the needed changes to a website will go undetected by the average "do it yourself" web builder software. Certain aspects of code clean-up and webpage reformatting should be taken care of periodically to keep up with changes in the search engine algorithms to allow you to maintain the best possible placement for your website.

Don't overlook the small stuff.

Many changes need to be performed periodically even if none of the information about you or your company has changed. Every year or two you should look to see that any copyright dates or time sensative data has been updated properly.

Search engines are watching.

Search engines pay attention to when a webpage has been updated. Some even show when it was last updated. A website update of as small as 150 characters will get noticed by search engines and will, more often than not, result in your website being re-evaluated by the search engines. This will undoubtedly directly effect your search result placement.

Make updates worth your while.

If it has been some time since your last update, you should certainly consider spending the updates time wisely and work on your Search Engine Optimization at the same time.

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