The Web Design Process

At Candlelight Web Design we are qualified to set you up with a well equipped web site that is functional, effectively designed, and elegantly stylish for much less than you would have thought. We will go over every detail with you every step of the way if you like. Because after all, this web site is supposed to be a reflection of the statement you are wanting to make.

We will need to know certain things from you... things like: What type of web site - internet brochure, company or family informational type website or maybe a full blown internet based store. Information about colors and/or logo. The types of graphics that will be required for the site - photos or clip art or custom designs. Supplied by you or provided by us. Will multimedia such as audio samples or video clips be included in the website?

We will then work on the design structure or "layout" of your site. You will get to see an image representing the web design ideas and hammer out any changes. From that we begin to assemble all files, test all links and then send the files to the server. There they will be tested again, and submitted to search engines.

Usually once we get together and get the layout going work begins. Normally we can have at least an introduction page up within a day or so. Site construction will not take too long for a Basic package or an Expanded Basic. The larger should be fully functional within two weeks maybe three weeks if there is to be some custom graphics.

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